The CASE project relies on an understanding that scientific inquiry must be known more as an integral part of daily life and less as a faraway myth occurring in isolated institutions. In our increasingly knowledge-based economy, education systems need the imaginative force of culture, and the curiosity that comes from cultural expression, in order to realize Europe’s creative scientific potential. Currently, education policymakers all too often narrow teachers’ focus to lists of facts and formulas, covering information in a way does not reach deeply enough below the surface. Rather than fostering curiosity, which is much more important in the long term than rote memorization, this approach often causes students to “tune out”. Enhancing teacher skills, strengthening their ability to motivate innovation and creativity is thus crucial. It is precisely the enrichment of the creative elements in Inquiry Based Science Education as an integral part of such a system, based on a wealth of existing European knowledge, which is the cornerstone of the CASE project.