Learning Science Through Humoristic Stories

Learning Science Through Humoristic Stories (LSTHS) brings together science and art inquiry, specifically how humor could be used to teach science. Students learn science in a creative way while implementing scenarios that include humoristic stories related to scientific concepts.

In this team-taught, students will build skills to passionately communicate in a way that excites and encourages them to want to learn more about their favourite science topic. Will discover how to develop humoristic science-based stories that both engages and entertains. By the end of this case, students will be able to understand the science of laughter, gain insight into the joke mechanics, develop a science-related joke, and get familiarized with joke formulas and formats for writing humoristic science-based stories that create a positive learning environment.

Finally, one of the main aims of the activity is to motivate an increasing number of teachers and students to join an educational community that cooperates through exchanges of opinions, materials and best practices for science teaching and learning during and following the action’s implementation.

Download the Learning Science Through Humoristic Stories toolkit