Klaipedos Universitetas (KU)

Klaipeda University is a multidisciplinary national and Baltic Sea Region research and studies centre, promoter of cultural heritage, and a lifelong-learning centre integrated into international academic networks. The University has five faculties (of Humanities and Education Sciences, Marine Technologies and Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Academy of Arts) and is a home for over 4,500 students. It implements over a hundred of study programmes in all three cycles that provide students with research-based contemporary knowledge and technologies, develops research projects, and is involved in a dozen of international funds, programmes, and networks. The University conducted a number of socially-oriented projects, including those on social exlusion, education, creativity promotion, and equal opportunities. The previously implemented projects, such as Development of Educational Techniques in Vocational Education and Training (DETVET), Development of Art Teacher Qualification System through Innovative Methods and Forms, and Development of Senior Pupils Creativity through Music Computer Technologies, are closely connected with the idea of the CASE project and are oriented to the integration of creative and art courses, as well as social media tools, into the teaching and learning of all subjects and extracurricular activities.

In the present CASE project, Klaipeda University will be an active partner in all project activities. Klaipėda University will also implement the project dissemination through organizing events, training activities, and conferences for Lithuanian schools (pupils and teachers), universities (students and researchers), and teachers’ associations.